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The 50 MHz and Up Group is an educational and public service amateur radio organization centered in the San Francisco Bay area. The group is interested in developing and utilizing communications on frequencies from 50MHz up through light-waves. The group is open to any related topics that might be of interest to members, such as: technology, design, construction, operation, public service, contesting and antennas. Lean more . . .


For questions about this group or about programs and activities, please contact the new President, Jim Moss, N9JIM:  n9jim-6 (at) pacbell [dot] net


Renewal and annual dues payment of $10 were be due on Feb 1

For those who live within the Bay area, the annual dues for 2014 are $10 per year. This must be sent via mail to the new Treasurer, Jerome Peters AF6UX or bring to the meeting and hand it to him. Make the check payable to: 50MHz and Up Group of N. Calif.
Jerome Peters
19902 Baywood Dr
Cupertino, CA 95014

Those living outside of the Bay area do not pay dues and as Friends, do not vote. Regardless of whether you are a full Member or you are a Friend, we are required to have a current database.

If none of your information has changed since last Feb, then please send Jeffrey Pawlan WA6KBL an email simply stating "nothing changed". If your phone or email or street address has changed, then you will need to fill out a complete new memberform. See the Membership link for instructions.

Meeting Announcement

Our next meeting of the 50MHz and Up Group of N. Calif will be a regular meeting on Thursday Jan. 8, 2015 at 7pm. We will have this on the 2nd Thursday because we won't meet on the holiday. Our meeting will be at the usual TI conference building, room 2. You get there from Kifer Rd as shown on our meetings page (click on meetings in the selection bar)

In addition to our usual roundtable and show and tell, we will conduct the annual election of the club officers.

Photo from the July picnic

picnic 2014
Left to right: David kq6t, Brian Yee w6by, Brian Kline wa6qdp, Pat Yee, Paul aa6pz, Stu k6tu, Joel kd6w, David ki6cla.
photo by N9JIM

2013 Group Project Notes: Building 10 and 24 GHz Radios

In 2013, we launched a club project with two goals:

- help microwave newcomers to build their first 10 GHz radio
- help club members to build a dual band (10/24 GHz) radio

Here is a new project description file:
Please click here to view or download the project overview slides from our March 2013 meeting: - discussion of project goals
- 10 GHz and 10/24 GHz Rover Rig requirements
- 10 GHz components: LO, LNA, PA, Antenna, T/R, power supply
- Rover Platform (mechanical support) requirements
- Block Diagrams for 10, 24 and 10/24 GHz rigs

Please click here to view or download the project workshop slides from our May 2013 meeting:

- 24 GHz test results for surplus PCOM upconverter and downconverter modules
- 10 GHz surplus brick (from Harris DVM10) retuning to 10224 MHz LO
- 10/24 GHz dual band feed construction workshop
- notes on T/R sequencing requirements

Please click here to view or download a block diagram of the unmodified Harris DVM 10 surplus radios:

- several members have used these as a source of 10 GHz LO, filter, LNA and PA modules
- the diagram includes some useful signal gain and level specs for the modules.

Please click here to view or download W5LUA's paper on using the PCOM modules at 24 GHz.

Please click here to view or download AD6FP and AA6IW's MUD 2001 paper on the 10/24 GHz dual band dish feed horn that we are building.

Please click here to view or download the MUD 2012 paper that describes the 3744 to 144 MHz up/down converter that is shown as the first IF in this project's 10/24 GHz radio design.

Please click here to view or download AD6FP's MUD 2001 paper on the 10/24 GHz "flip switch" radio architecture that is the inspiration for our 10/24 radio.

The 2014 Elected Officers

Minutes from the November meeting

Jim Moss N9JIM called the meeting to order. The meeting started with a discussion of what projects people were working on. One item of note the Stanford ARC, W6YX worked ~10-12 stations on 10 GHz EME using the dish at Larsís house.
Mike Lavelle, Brian Yee, and Lars Karlssen gave an update on Microwave Update in Rochester. Here is a brief list:

There was a lecture by Larry Zuckerman, K3LZ, on his recently patented "Post Generator Phase Noise Cancellation Technique"

New! Documentation for Harris 10GHz surplus equipment

Mike Lavelle, K6ML and Oliver Barrett, KB6BA have provided us with much of the documentation for the surplus Harris DVM10 Digital Versitility Microwave radio links. Please log into the Members Only page to obtain two PDF files.

Improvement of the Stellex/Endwave YIG Synthesizer

by Jeffrey Pawlan, WA6KBL

The Stellex/Endwave mini-YIGs along with their phase locked synthesizer board are able to provide you with a stable and relatively low noise X-band signal source. However, they designed it incorrectly and most of the output power of the YIG is needlessly lost.

I have redesigned the sampling circuits so that you will now obtain +12dBm to +13.5dBm output power. It is an easy and inexpensive modification.

Because John Miles, KE5FX did the original work on using these surplus items and there are many links to his webpage, I have put my article along with nine photographs and figures on his webpage. Please click here to go to this page and then scroll down to nearly the bottom of that webpage.

Current Updated Rosters Available to Members

Members may obtain the roasters in several sort orders by logging into the Members Only webpage. These have not been updated because we did not receive updated memberforms or emails stating that your information has not changed. Also we need the dues from local members.

The presentation by Goran AD6IW on high efficiency amplifiers.

He gave at the 2010 EME conference and also at the 50MHz and Up meeting in Sept. Click here to download it

Report on the Ham Radio Social at the International Microwave Symposium on May 25, 2010 in Anaheim

The report and all photos are now located on a separate page. Please click here to view

Two presentations by Brian Yee W6BY are available for download

A slide presentation on an Introduction to Amateur Radio Microwave Operation is available as a PDF. Click here to download it
The second presentation is located on the Events tab page.


Microwave Beacons in operation UPDATED The following beacons are known to be operating as of 06-29-2011:

Leeson Site, near Mt Thayer, KF6KVG: 10367.990MHz, 24191.975MHz, 47087.99, 79920MHz, 37deg 10.034min N, 121deg 55.500min W
Mt Allison, AD6FP power unknown 10369.192MHz, 37deg 29.905min N, 121deg 52.206min W
Mt Allison, AD6FP power unknown 24192.01MHz, 37deg 29.905min N, 121deg 52.206min W
Mt Allison, WA6QDP power unknown 47061.017MHz, 37deg 29.905min N, 121deg 52.206min W
Mt Vaca, W6ASL: 10368.325MHz, 38deg 24min 51sec N, 122deg 06min 50sec W
The Mt St Helena beacon has been removed
Mt Frazier, N6CA/B DM04MS 1.3w output 8013ft 10368.3101MHz, 34deg 46min 30sec N, 118deg 58min 09sec W
Palos Verdes, N6CA/B DM03TS 1.6w output 1300ft 10368.300MHz, 33deg 46min 15sec N, 118deg 22min 30sec W.
Santiago Peak, KE6JUV DM13FR unknown pwr 5664ft 10368.330MHz, 33deg 42.690min N, 117deg 32.020min W.
Heaps Peak, call? DM14KF unknown pwr 8000ft 2304.11MHz (drifts 40KHz from 2304.08 to 2304.12) 34deg 14min 2.4sec N, 117deg 8min 25.2sec W
San Diego, K6QPV/B DM12MQ 2565ft, +34dBm EIRP horizontally polarized horn toward the LA basin 24.192040GHz +/- 500 Hz, 32deg 41.8min N, 116deg 56.09min W.
San Diego, N6IZW/B DM12MQ 2565ft, omni +39dBm EIRP 10.368360GHz GPS locked, 32deg 41.8min N, 116deg 56.09min W.
San Diego, K6QPV/B DM12MQ 2565ft, omni +44dBm EIRP 5.760000 GHz GPS Locked, 32deg 41.8min N, 116deg 56.09min W.
San Diego, K6QPV/B DM12MQ 2565ft, 16w into a yagi 1296.3000 GHz, 32deg 41.8min N, 116deg 56.09min W.